The World Series of Poker is really heating up now, as after a field of 6,598 entrants have been knocked down to just twenty seven finalists the race is on to find the overall champion of 2012. It looks like at least one of the finishers is going to be someone who learned poker by playing casino games pc style, as Daniel Strelitz finds himself currently placed second in the chips table.

The overall leader right now is Marc-Andre Ladoucer, with $16 million in chips to his name. All of the twenty seven remaining entrants will be winning at least $294,601 as a result of getting this far, and all that remains to be seen is who will take home the really big bucks, with a few of the more familiar faces having already dropped out before this stage.

In second place with $12.8 million in chips, Strelitz has quite the story. He is only twenty-two years old, and he got into playing online casino video poker as a young man. During his freshman year at college he finally realised that he had a unique talent for playing poker: he hit a six figure score on the online games and made the choice to quit school and become a professional poker player. It looks like that decision is paying off as he heads closer to the finale, and he will certainly be thinking back with great joy to the day he decided college just was not worth it. A win from him would surely influence many others like him to follow their dreams, as it would be something of a fairy story to have a twenty two year old take the crown!

Other players who started on PC and are now doing great include Yuval Bronstein, who is known in the online playing community by the username of “yuvee04”. He is currently in sixth place in the chips standings, a good sign given that he already has 20 WSOP cashes to his name, with $9.73 million to see him through the next round.

Other players in the top ten include Jeremy Ausmus, Robert Salaburu, Gaelle Baumann, Elisabeth Hille. Russell Thomas, Jamie Robbins, Cylus Watson, and Robert Corcione. The next step is to narrow it down to fifteen, and from there to the final nine, known as ‘November Niners’ in the tournament’s history. After that we will be ready for the final!