Here are 10 simple tips to follow while playing at a slot machine game.

Tip 1: Look for a “Loose” Machine
Some slots machines really are “looser” than the others and a loose machine tends to pay out more often than a “tight” machine.

Tip 2: Use Comps and Bonuses
Comps for land based slot machines, sign-up bonuses and loyalty bonuses given for online slots games are free money that can balance the House edge.

Tip 3: Play the Max on Progressives
Most slots are multi-coin machines which allow you can to put more than one coin for every spin. Wagering more coins not only allows you to win the most but it makes you qualify for the progressive jackpot on the progressive slots games.

Tip 4: Have Goals and Stick to Them
You need to have a budgeted bankroll and use only from that portion of your money.

Tip 5: Don’t Leave a Machine that Has Just Paid Out Big
It is not true to assume that once a casino games slot machine that has just delivered a big payout it somehow stops paying for a while.

Tip 6: Don’t Leave a Live Machine with Credits in It
If you hit big bucks at a live casino then call the casino staff to help you get the money.

Tip 7: Be Aware of Your Mood
Always play in a positive mood.

Tip 8: Know the Machine You Are Playing
Pick the right machine to wager at and enjoy yourself.

Tip 9: Consider Two Coin Machines
Consider wagering at two coin machines instead of five coins.

Tip 10: Have Fun
Slots is a game of fun so have fun whether you win or lose!