An online casino site recently published a list of which of its Vegas casino games are the most played, with few surprises in the top ten.

Casino blackjack has always been a popular game worldwide. It is no shock to see it high on the list – last year it topped hot lists of the same online casino – but its reign on the internet gambling throne seems to be over, as it falls down the list to allow the rise of the casino games slot machines.

With so many different themes of slot machine out there, it is perhaps easy to imagine that they would not rank highly because of the sheer number available – but in fact, some are far more popular than others. Heading up the top of the list this year are a variety of slots –  including those named Hell’s Grannies, Royal Derby, Woolly World, Chief’s Magic, and Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll and Hyde is the newest release to have made it to the top at only two months old – clearly, online players are attracted to a name and theme that they recognise, as well as entertaining game play.

It is all well and good pulling customers in with nice pictures and branding, but the proof is in the pudding. New games tend to experience a surge in traffic when they are released, as players try out the newest version of slots, but they often experience a drop off over time. Only the very best slot machines are able to maintain a high quota of visitors, and this is the true test of a game’s quality. It is certainly interesting to see that slot machines are now more popular than traditional table games such as online casino video poker or casino roulette – it may well be that the quick game play, and high jackpots are what makes them so popular. It is worth noting that a large number of the top games listed are progressive jackpot slots, implying that the bigger draw of the higher jackpot is what really pulls players towards these games to play time and time again. Those games that were available both as a download version and as an instant online play version also did better than those that were only available on download. When playing casino games on PC, ultimately there are a number of factors that determine the value of the game in terms of longevity: graphics and name, jackpot, game quality, and accessibility.

These statistics will help online casino game developers to improve their offerings, with clear guidelines on what is popular right now.