Though there are many tales told about lucky casino players and the money that they have won from jackpots and other casino games, the casino at Monte Carlo has gone down in history for being around for 100 years, and for also having the luckiest player ever to step into their casino. Charles Well is commonly known as the “man who broke the bank” with the casino roulette game. He walked into the casino a simple player in July 1891, and walked out a legend. He more than proved that fortune favors the bold, rather than the righteous.

Wells decided to wager in Monte Carlo, and to make this happen conned investors with tales of a ‘musical jump rope’, which never really existed. He found himself flushed with funds and absconded with 4000 pounds, which he invested wisely on roulette. Luck seemed to favor him all the way, and he played for 11 hours at Monte Carlo and won more than 20 spins out of 30 at roulette. He literally broke the bank so to say, not bankrupting the casino but requesting more chips to be brought to the table. Charles kept coming back for more and each time won a million, and he won 5 times in a row for that matter.

Roulette as you know is a game of chance and luck, but with proper betting strategy you can win a great deal at this game and this in all probability is what Charles Well did. Whatever system he used, the odds worked in his favor and he is remembered till date as the luckiest man ever. In 1892 Fred Gilbert wrote the song “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’, in memory of Well’s exploits. Roulette, can prove lucky to some, so the next time you log on to Noble Casino or Online Vegas, try your hand at roulette and may be you can become another Charles Well.