The Great Galaxy Grab slot is a new impressive online casino game, powered by Microgaming, representing new out of this world technology, which will lift up all your online video slot experience to a new level.

The story behind this casino games slot machine is based treasure seeking space pirates, making this an extremely original slots game. The game shows alien worlds millions of light years from planet Earth where the space citizens live. Although the Earth has not had any proven visits from aliens, it is now widely accepted by the scientific community that life exists on other planets. Some believe that we have been visited by extra terrestrials, probably the most famous encounter being the Roswell UFO incident in 1947.

Casino software providers should have implemented this concept long time ago. There’s an actual story involved as the players continue to play in different levels and the Great Galaxy Grab video slot seems to be sheer genius. Microgaming produced its best slots creation but more importantly it’s the most innovative online casino slot game in the whole galaxy, competing with software developed by land based gaming producers.

The 3D graphics in this online slot are also completely out of this world! They are rendered in the style of the popular CGI film Robots. The backdrop to the reels is a fab space scene and the symbols are extremely detailed.

This video slot is different to all of its predecessors and you can definitely call it a true new-generation-video-slot. The world famous online software provider Microgaming used such crispy and colourful graphics, sound come straight out and remind the player of blockbusters from Hollywood. This new innovative game is a miracle of video slot technology and should not be missed!