The former US Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist loved gambling and was always on the look out to make bets. He spent long hours gambling on the internet and was a favorite pastime of his. Author Paul Bedard says that Rehnquist was obsessed with many activities which really suited the profile of a potential gambler. He also said that the Judge had no interest for luxury stuff and materialistic goods but would place dollar bets on serious and important subjects.

Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist Loved Gambling

He had even gone to the extent of canceling his bet on the Presidential elections in 2000 when the case moved to the Supreme Court amongst other pending cases. He would do all that is required to ensure that his gaming experience brought him all that he yearned for and desired.

Paul Bedard fondly remembers Rehnquist as being a compulsive smoker who would take regular smoking breaks, whether it was between important meetings or court hearings the Judge would step out for his smoking break. Wagering and playing poker were two of his favorites and he would give up anything in the world just to play his favorite Vegas casino games. His hobby of gambling was always kept private and he would gamble extensively on the internet. This proves that those who are against gaming don’t understand the depth of gambling and the relaxation and excitement it can bring to an individual.