It looks like the decision for many companies to invest in social media style internet casino was a big one, as social casinos up in revenue this quarter reap the rewards of the current fascination with connecting online and being able to play against friends. While the online casinos might not welcome this latest report, a few online casinos – including the soon to arrive Zynga effort – must be rubbing their hands in glee at a business decision gone absolutely right.

The ability to play games such as online casino video poker, blackjack, Texas hold ‘em, roulette, and slot machines against your friends and also brag about your winnings just through sharing a simple news item on your feed really seems to appeal to most players around the world, as Gaming Club reported this week having looked at some new research complied by SuperData, a company which specialises in researching online games and all of their statistics. It looks as though those who play in social casino games are spending almost twice as much money in the games than the players who take part in normal social games with premium elements which encourage spending, and since the normal games pull in a huge revenue each year this really is an important statistic. On average in July, social casino players were spending $78, while other social gamers only spent $43 – a difference that will be music to the ears of the game developers.

The US is also still the biggest social casino market in the world, with $660 million out of the total of £1.6 billion coming from North America. Europeans spent around $446 million, Asians were happy to lay down $311 million, and Latin America paid out $180.7 million. Somewhat surprisingly, Australia were lagging behind with just $59.8 million, although this can in part be put down to the fact that there are more social casino players in North America (35.4 million) then there are people in Australia full stop (22.6 million), so there is a bit of an unfair numbers advantage at play in that case.