We’ve all played backgammon. Backgammon is one of the oldest board games and people of all ages play this great game. But now backgammon is also moving ahead with the times and has made its entry onto the internet with online casino games. And the game has made quite an entry indeed because people are really glad to see one of their favorite board games online.

The game is about getting all your 15 pieces off the board before you opponent does. You can hit the other player’s piece if it is standing alone and in the path of your moves. Players use a dice to determine the number of moves they can make.

Backgammon is game that involves skill in order to be able to get all 15 of your pieces off the board before your opponent. However each move determined by the roll of the dice so there is an element of luck involved in the game. Sounds like the perfect combination for a gambling game. Players are now playing backgammon online for real money too.

Many major online gambling sites are offering online backgammon with a variety of betting options. Some online casinos are even offering online backgammon matches. In the online backgammon matches players have a face-off and who ever reaches the target score first wins. There are games where you can have matches with multiple players too.

Online backgammon is really great fun to play and with the fantastic graphics, the game looks like the real deal.