In the early 1990s when online gambling software was made available to the public, PC users monopolized the personal computing market. At that point in time gambling was reliant on individual users linking onto the internet. At this juncture, the pioneers in online gambling software made a mark and chose the PC platform to run their casino games and later on a number of online gambling software companies also adopted the same strategy of having PC online casinos.

Nowadays, all major casinos offer a ‘no download’ or an ‘instant play’ version of the casino gaming software which enables players to temporarily store the software in a browser and avoid cramming the hard disc with games. Some of the online gaming software service providers capitalized on this aspect and developed software compatible to Mac computers, so that Mac users could also benefit from the ‘no download’ version of the software and enjoy any of their favorite online casino games.

The downside of this version is that being smaller in size many features are abbreviated causing some inconvenience to the player, but it is just a matter of time before the reputable online gaming software providers like RTG (Real Time Gaming) incorporate enhancements and upgrades to the software to meet every possible need of ardent online casino game lovers!