For a change from the usual land based casino tournaments, Cherry Red has good news for all you online casino blackjack enthusiasts and has introduced online blackjack tournaments! The tournaments are on full swing and you can either opt to participate on a one-on-one basis or in groups which ever you prefer. What’s more…the blackjack action is on 24/7 and 7 days a week.

Online Casino Now Offering Blackjack Tournaments

Each tournament has 10 rounds offering the players a chance to turn the game around. The new option allows players to play multiple tournaments and solely dependent on the number of players for each casino blackjack game, the jackpots can soar to incredibly high amounts.

Each tournament allows players to opt for the amount they wish to buy-in and the amount dictates which tournament they will take part in. It is obvious that a bigger buy-in allows you to play for a bigger jackpot on the contrary a smaller buy-in would only permit smaller jackpot groups. Cherry Red has stringent rules which facilitates a more structured tournament and professionally organizes its tournaments.

To lure more and more players to participate in the tournaments Cherry Red matches every $1200 deposit by 200% offering the player more chances to win. However, do keep in mind that this offer is available on the website and is linked to a particular code. Blackjack tournaments have an edge over general casino tournaments because you can really put your strategic skills to test, and the more strategy you bring to the table you better your chances of winning.

Log on to Cherry Red and avail of the welcome bonus of $777 while you participate in a blackjack tournament which you have been long waiting for!