Good news to all you online gamblers, in 2010 all new computers that hit the market will be fully loaded with online gambling software. All you would have to do is run the software, sign up, register yourself, open an account and start winning the huge progressive jackpots which are over a millions dollars.

What more can you expect from the world of technology when it comes to casino gambling. They have thought of even your gaming and entertainment needs and made it all possible by the click of a button, a truly revolutionary idea on their part and we are sure that it won’t end with this; the following year will undoubtedly see the dawn of even newer inventions!

An employee from Dell who did not want to disclose his identity said that this new invention was with the objective to increase their profits and bring in revenue especially during these hard times of recession. The software is designed in such a manner, that each time a player signs in to play his favorite game, 3% of his losses goes back to the computer company. So effectively that’s a lot of money for the company to make with no effort from their side, apart from providing the software at the beginning!

The testing phase is on for the software and will be ready to go live in early 2010. So all you ardent casino games lovers watch out for this launch and ensure that you are benefiting from this privilege made available to you from Dell!