For the best online casino software developers in the business, it is clear than licensing branded material is the way forward for casino games to be truly popular. In a recent announcement by market leaders Microgaming, The latest announcement from Microgaming makes it clear that for the top casino games to really stand out the content is king; pointing to their hugely popular Tomb Raider slot machine game as the premier example.

Batman Slot MachineBy means of its most current press release, legends of gambling software Microgaming have announced the exciting news that it has agreed upon a landmark agreement with DC Entertainment over the licensing of a huge brand in the comic book world. The holding company for DC Comics, super hero publishing legends DC Entertainment are behind such greats as Superman and the flagship block-busting powerhouse Batman. The agreement between the two companies is set to permit the creation of a potentially spellbindingly rich experience with a series of video slot machine games centered on the two latest Batman films.

The particular DC Entertainment motion pictures specified within the deal are The Dark Night and upcoming summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. The games are to be developed by Microgaming using characters, sounds, and other exclusive content directly from these two films, and the first of the two slot games is slated for a summer 2012 release alongside the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. The exact date specified for the return of Christian Bale as Gotham City avenger Batman is currently set for 20th July 2012. The game based on this film however is due to release “some time in 2012”.