Playtech is known for its fantastic collection of flawless and very well designed online casino games. Playtech is one of the most popular online casino software providers and they are always coming up with new ideas and ways to satisfy their online customers. Two recent additions to their games collection that has been making waves among players are Lucky Blackjack and a casino roulette game called 3D Roulette.

Lucky Blackjack offers an interesting twist to this classic casino game. Blackjack has been around for ages and there is no casino, both online and offline, that is complete without a blackjack table. The game has remained unchanged for years on end and although there are several variants of the game available online, classic blackjack still remains a top favorite. But you always need to spice up things every once in a while and Lucky Blackjack does exactly this. It offers a new outlook to a classic game but without taking away all the charm and class of its predecessor. In this game the dealer’s hand is dealt and players do not receive a hand so there is no comparison. What you do in this game is bet on what you think the dealer’s hand will be and if you are ‘lucky’ you win. The game is simple to play and is very exciting too.

The next game from Playtech is 3D roulette. I don’t think I need to say more about how awesome this game is going to be. It’s 3D! What could be more exciting than that? 3D casino games are becoming extremely popular these days. They offer a much more realistic gaming experience online. Playtech’s 3D roulette game is simply superb. The game look amazing and it is a unique version of European roulette. 3D roulette not only looks great but has some great features too such as double betting table coverage and top speed for some high action roulette gaming.

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