Have you ever imagined a casino game with a payout percentage of 99%? Yes, there is a game and it is none other than Cleopatra slot.

Cleopatra Slot Offering More Winning Combinations

What is so unique about this game? Cleopatra features images from Ancient Egypt. You could relish the sight of pharaohs, pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphics, maidens and other famous artifacts.

You, as a passionate slot player, would like the features in this game. The features include an interface which is easy to use, and massive jackpots. Cleopatra casino games slot machines combines these two features and offers an exciting gaming experience.

This casino game features flashy and attractive images which would be a great visual enjoyment. There are many unique symbols in this slot game. During this easy to play game, there is so much to see visually, so it is advisable that you become familiar with the symbols before playing this cool slot game.

Cleopatra slot features 15 pay lines for the beginners. The pay lines are between a penny and five dollars. Your credits can be placed from 1 to 20 per line. The spin can be stopped according to your option.

Online casinos like Rushmore and Slots Oasis feature Cleopatra. Choose from the online casino game list to opt for Cleopatra.

The Jackpot could be won by matching up 5 Cleopatra Icons in a row. Once you get five of them in a row you win the jackpot. Landing on Cleopatra which is the wild symbol can convert 2 sphinxes to 3. Five Scarab icons and more than three Sphinxes could constitute a jackpot also.

You could win up to 10,000 coins in a bet by hitting the grand jackpot. The lesser jackpots also offer up to 2000 coins per bet. The winning combinations are much more in Cleopatra and the number of wins is also higher than most other Casino games. There is a help feature that accompanies the game which guides you by answering your queries on the game.