Roulette is the famous ‘wheel’ casino game. It is fun to play and there are various types of online casino roulette games such as American Roulette, French or European Roulette. The idea of roulette is that you bet on one or more numbers, odd / even, black and red, and if the ball that spins around the roulette wheel lands on the slot that you bet on… you win.

How To Play Online Casino Roulette

The game begins when a player chooses to place their bets on a number (0-36), color (black or red), even number or odd number. The wheel is spun and the players waits to see where the ball lands. If it lands on the bet chosen, the player wins.
• Click on the required amount of chips to bet.
• Choose a number (0-36, black or red, even or odd) and Spin.
• The wheel spins and the ball stops on any number of the wheel.
• If the ball lands on the chosen number, you are immediately credited with the winnings. If you lose, you lose your bet and the next game starts.

Type of Roulette Bets

• Inside Bets – when a player places a bet on any number from 0-36
• Outside Bets – when a player places a bet outside the table layout, eg. on Red or First 12, Second 12 or Third 12.
• Call Bets – when a group of bets are placed on the table at the same time.
• Neighbor Bets – when bets are placed on the neighboring number or a chosen number.

A very good online casino Roulette game strategy is making two bets on each spin of the wheel. For example, you can make the first bet of 1-18 and pays 1 to 1. The second bet can be made from 25 to 36 and pays 2 to 1, offering you minimal risk.

So play casino roulette games and enjoy these Vegas casino games onto your PC.