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    Casino Games and Expected Return

    There are several online casino games that give you a high average return. Slot machines are high on this list with pay outs of $98 for every $100 that you wager. Although these are pretty high numbers, they include big wins and the jackpot wins too. So if you do not hit the right combination of symbols for the jackpot the average payback you are getting is comparatively smaller.

    The truth is that there is not casino game that can be beaten in the long run. All casino games have an in-built edge that guarantees a profit for the casino. However there are two casino games that, under the right conditions, offer you almost 100% returns. These two casino games are online blackjack and online video poker.

    Using the right strategy is important in blackjack and video poker and with the right strategy you can easily win in these games. But what’s also important is choosing the right game that offers you an optimal playing situation. For casino blackjack games you have to pick a game that uses few decks as possible and in video poker you need to select a game that has a good paytable.

    If you want a casino game to work for you in the long run you need to be able to manage your money well. you have to consider the size of the bet in relation to the bankroll. Blackjack offers you a 50/50 bet so if you decide to bet your entire bankroll on one hand it becomes an all or nothing bet – remember this is in terms of examining long run expectations.

    The variance is another factor that must be taken into consideration. Casino video poker offer great long run expectations but this is true only when you factor in the Royal flush which is rarely ever dealt. Video poker is better long term game than blackjack but you end up seeing bigger fluctuations in your bankroll when you play video poker than in blackjack.

    If you are one who is ready to take a few risks for the chance of winning big then the slot machine is your game, particularly the progressive jackpot machines. But you have to remember that you may or may not hit the jackpot so in the long run the returns may not be that great unless you do.

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