One thing that you can be sure of when playing casino games PC style is that you will not have to watch out for a dealer who is tampering with the odds, or indeed a fellow player trying to make sure that those same odds swing in their favour. Such was not the case over at the Marina Bay Sands Casino recently, as a dealer there was been charged as being involved in corruption – with his false winnings amounting to $10,000.

Kenneth Lim Khan Lerk, a thirty eight year old dealer at the Money Wheel table on October 2, 2010, was approached by his pit supervisor to take part in some corruption to the benefit of a patron, and he agreed right away. At first the plan was not to get Lim involved, but when the scam started, pit boss Keith Yong Kee-Hwei began to suspect that he knew what was going on, and so he offered him some money to make sure that he would not report the foul play.

The plan itself was simply: Yong would position himself at the Money Wheel table, along with businessman Steven Tan Tiong Loon. The idea was that Tan would place a bet, and Yong would use his hand to ensure that the Money Wheel stopped at the desired place, thus allowing Tan to collect big rewards – while Yong also took a certain percentage of those winnings in recompense. Tan won $13,500 at first, and Yong offered $1000 of this to Lim, who accepted – on the condition that another $2000 be added to the amount. With all three men now in on the deal, Tan won another $18,000, of which Lim took $7000.

Justice was swift for two of the men involved. Yong was jailed for six months and Tan was jailed for ten months for cheating the casino of $31,500, though for just a little while they must have felt as though they were getting away with it. It was not long before the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) got wind of the situation however, and all three involved with the scam have since been under investigation to prove that they cheated and to go through the appropriate channels of punishment. One thing is for sure – those three guys will not be taking part in any Vegas casino games any time soon, as once caught cheating in the Sands empire you will be blacklisted from any casino with an interest in making a profit (a hint: that’s all of them).