Apple’s iPad which serves as anything from your book to your laptop was finally launched on the 28th of May. Now the question is will it be able to support online casino gaming like Vegas style casino games and prove to be an all rounder as it is predicted to be?

So the iPad is just the right size for you to hold it in your hands to read through your favorite novel, the perfect size to check out websites and you don’t have to searching for a way to zoom in which we have all have had to go through with our phones. This 9.7 inch high-resolution computer with no keys can replace a lot of your gadgets. But let us look at the gaming aspect and how this is going to be supported by the iPad.

The first betting company to offer downloadable online gambling options from the iPhone store is Betfair. This app is currently available in the UK and Ireland. So how does this function without breaking any law as many countries still consider gambling illegal. GPS is the answer. So if you are not in the UK or Ireland, well no service for you says Betfair.

As for the sites that are Apple Mac friendly are PokerStar, Bodog, PartyPoker and Full Tilt to name a few.

So if you are looking forward for a poker session on your iPad even in your bathtub, it is very much possible provided you don’t drop this 1.5 pound beauty into the tub. The size is comfortable, the weight is hardly anything, the battery life is a good 10 hours, the navigation is easy, the screen is perfect and can handle about 4 poker tables in one shot. So it may just be what you were looking for.