You may think that you have seen it all when it comes to casino games. There are slots, video poker, poker and other card games. You may also think that casinos may have nothing more to offer, just the same games with new appearances, the old wine same bottle routine. But guess what, the casinos still have a few tricks up their sleeve so you can be sure that you ‘aint seen nothing yet. Playtech has come up with a new and unique card game called Stravaganza. Heard of it before? You wouldn’t have because this is a completely new kind of card game and not just a variant of an existing casino game. Stravaganza is played with 5 decks of cards.

The cards have rankings like in casino Blackjack, the face cards are 10 points, the Ace is 1 point and the other cards are valued according to their rank. The game is played like blackjack but the strategy is completely different. You need a 3-card sum higher than the dealer’s. There is no busting in the game and the house edge reasonable at 2.27% for 5 decks. Stravaganza also has a progressive jackpot. You can place an additional side bet that contributes to the jackpot. There are extra bonus winnings when you get certain cards as well. To play Stravaganza, just head to the top Playtech online casinos.