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If you enjoy gambling, then it may well be time to take things to the next stage by checking out the information that you can find on Casino Games PC. Here you will find the latest news about casino games which can be played through your computer, such as which casino sites are on the rise and which are offering beta tests, as well as details about different kinds of casino games such as slots, card games, and table games. You can even find casino reviews so that you can choose the online gambling site which will suit you.

Online Casino Games

Fortunately, you don’t have to go that far to play at casinos. Enjoy casino games that you would normally only find in land-based casinos, at home on your PC. Online casinos feature a huge variety of different games where you can play for real money or for fun as a guest player.

Poker Beta Testing

Soon Nevada will be host to Vegas casino games in the field of online poker, and in order to gain regulatory approval the new World Series of Poker site is looking for beta testers in the state to try out their software and spot any glitches there.

PaddyPower Profits Rise

PaddyPower are really making a name for themselves in the world of online gambling, with a lot of great statistics throughout the last year that saw them expanding their land based presence in the UK and gaining a lot of revenue through mobiles.

Social Casinos Up

New figures show that online casino games in the social centre are earning more revenue than ordinary social games, and that the US are the ones getting the most spend happy in the world. The market now stands at a huge $1.6 billion, a coup for the online industry.

Hurricane Sandy Disruptions

Hurricane Sandy is expected to cause large disruptions for land based casinos across its path over the next few days, so casino enthusiasts in its path are advised to stay home and play online until the danger is over and any necessary repairs to the casinos have been carried out.

Casino Dealer Cheater

One thing that you can be sure of when playing casino games PC style is that you will not have to watch out for a dealer who is tampering with the odds, or indeed a fellow player trying to make sure that those same odds swing in their favour. Such was not the case over […]

Tribes Against Poker

In a startling show of predictability, Native American tribes have begun to speak out against the legalisation of casino gambling games to be played online on PCs, tablets, and smartphones across America, claiming that it will take away the revenue that they need to survive.

WSOP Final 27

The World Series of Poker is really heating up now, as after a field of 6,598 entrants have been knocked down to just twenty seven finalists the race is on to find the overall champion of 2012. It looks like at least one of the finishers is going to be someone who learned poker by […]

Top Casino Games

An online casino site recently published a list of which of its Vegas casino games are the most played, with few surprises in the top ten. Casino blackjack has always been a popular game worldwide. It is no shock to see it high on the list – last year it topped hot lists of the […]

Get ready to be spooked

Microgaming is known for its innovation and creativity. Once again the software mogul has come up with a brand new game that is sure to scare your socks off. Microgaming has launched a selection of online slots on its flash platform.

Microgaming Has Best Casino Software – Official

The very best online casino software provider in the world right now is Microgaming, and that is now official thanks to voters at the Gambling Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards this year.

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